Tulips in the Plantage

The Plantage is in full bloom. There are Russian tulips to be found in the courtyard garden of the Hermitage and wild tulips in the Hortus. The quays at the National Maritime Museum - the place where the tulips were brought into Amsterdam during the Golden Age - are covered with some of the most beautiful specimens. In Artis, a colourful carpet of 52,000 tulips has been rolled out for the event, which you can visit for free at the Artisplein. Walk around Plantage and discover the pure beauty of nature within the city.

For more information please go to: www.tulpenfestival.com

Right in the centre of Amsterdam, the Plantage neighbourhood offers nature and culture in laidback surroundings. Wander through its many parks, stroll along its canals or have a drink at one of those wonderful waterside terraces.

The Hermitage Amsterdam on the banks of the river Amstel

Italian wine from Sagra dell'Uva

One of the area's many canals

The new public square next to the zoo is a great place for a picnic and offers lots of water fun for kids

Catch blooming tulips in April

The Tropenmuseum

Bike rental at the Plantage Middenlaan

Entrance to the Wertheimpark

Fleamarket at Waterlooplein

Open air expo at Mr. Visserplein

The replica of the East Indiaman 'De Amsterdam' can be visited via the National Maritime Museum

Summertime lazing next to one of the Plantage's many canals: a must-do in Amsterdam