Spanish Masters in Amsterdam

The ‘Spanish Masters from the Hermitage. The world of El Greco, Ribera, Zurbarán, Velázquez, Murillo & Goya’ exhibition can be admired in the Hermitage until 29 May. This exhibition draws attention to the broader context of painting in the Spanish Golden Century (second half of the sixteenth and the seventeenth century) and the echoes and continuation in subsequent centuries.

Spanish masterpieces were created during the reign of Philip II, the absolute monarch of a colonial empire who enforced strict rules for Catholic paintings. The period that followed was dominated by artists including Francisco de Zurbáran, also known as the Spanish Caravaggio.

A great many aspects of Spanish history are highlighted in this collection, such as the horrors of Napoleon’s conquest in 1808, bullfighting and Mediterranean pub life. The variation of the exhibition is also expressed in the alternation of Spanish painting styles: Baroque, Rococo, dramatic realism and spiritual minimalism.

First a warning: this is not a large museum on architecture. So don’t expect vast white exhibition spaces with great works. Rather it’s a small interesting centre that offers those who are interested in architecture a wonderful starting point for discovery. ARCAM has an amazing collection of books, guides, walks and tips, is situated in a wonderfully weird building, always has a small exhibit on something interesting and to top it of: they offer crash courses on Amsterdam’s architecture every Friday

The exhibition space has one of the best views of Amsterdam

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