Royal Theatre Carré

This magical hall has been at the centre of the Dutch theatre world for the past 125 years, as it stands proudly and beautifully overlooking the Amstel. Actors, singers, circus acrobats, musical- and cabaret stars all dream of a chance to perform on the stage of Carré. When they finally accomplish this, its feels as if heaven is within reach.

Carré’s numerous visitors all speak of its magical ambiance. There aren’t many places where it is possible to surround oneself with endless glitter and glamour, combined with a classy and chic undertone. Where else can you enjoy a magnificent view of the Amstel from a neoclassical balcony, with a glass of champagne in your hand, surrounded by lush, red velvet and extravagant chandeliers?

Until the final bell calls of course, when everyone rushes to their seats for an evening of unique and splendid music, theatre, cabaret and circus acrobatics, enjoying an unforgettable experience.

Details and opening hours

Amstel 115 -125
+31 (0900) 252 52 55 (Box Office)
Daily performances. Check the website for our seasonal programme. Opening hours Box Office: Monday to Sunday: from 10.00 am – 8.00 pm Closed on Sundays and holidays without performances. The theatre is accessible for disabled people. The ticket price depends on the performance and the section of the theatre.
The ticket price depends on the performance and the section of the theatre.

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